Your analytics tell you what happened,
Emosio tells you why it happened.

Emosio is a data integration platform for customer feedback. Emosio helps product and marketing teams easily add customer feedback data to their existing analytics.


Why Emosio?

Add customer feedback to your analytics

Analyzing quantitative data such as purchases or clicks helps understand what happened. Analyzing what your customers are saying highlights their expectations and thus eliminates the guesswork when creating products.

Get a single view of your customer feedback data

A single view of customer feedback is crucial for optimizing product and customer experience as well as operational efficiency and strategic decisions.

Get actionable insights

Emosio categorizes customer feedback by touchpoints and highlights urgency and root causes so teams know what actions to take to improve their product.

Save time

Cleaning and categorizing customer feedback data and setting up NLP workflows is a time consuming task that Emosio handles for you.



Plug and play

Just select your customer feedback channels and Emosio handles all connections via API, ftp or databases.

SQL query and visualization

Emosio loads your data to a PostgreSQL database so you can query in SQL and explore in your existing dashboard.

State of the art A.I.

Emosio uses deep learning (vs. machine learning) and emotion analysis (vs. sentiment) for better performance and insights.